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Are you Looking for a Highly Effective and Devoted Team? Join Codexcell and onboard highly qualified developers from India's largest pool of pre-vetted tech talents. Identify and choose developers based on their credentials, performance, knowledge, skills, and abilities so that they can carry out their job obligations effectively.

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How to get Started ?

All skills are sourced, verified, matched, and managed by Codexcell.

  • Share the Job Description

    Describe the duties and responsibilities, essential skills, required market experience, and budget.

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    We'll match the most suitable profile(s) for your review within the next 48 hours. Afterward, we organize interviews based on your criteria and the times you specify.

  • Interview & Hire

    Once you are comfortable with your assessment, please give them your suggestions.

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    We'll take care of the talent's contracts and legalities, guarantee a seamless onboarding process, and assist you in managing the talent.

Our Vetting Process

Only 3.5% of the over 10,000 talents that apply each month are accepted by our organization.

Profile Screening & Shortlisting

We evaluate a large number of applicants in light of our basic requirements, their professional history, and comprehensive background checks.

Language Proficiency

A candidate's reading, writing, pronunciation, clarity, fluency, and speaking speed are all evaluated using AI-powered communication evaluation.

Aptitude Evaluation

To evaluate their capacity for logical thought and problem-solving, we administer an aptitude test that has been scientifically created.

Technical Assessment

To evaluate a candidate's abilities, we have developed one of the most rigorous and sophisticated technical examinations; these tests are role-based and incredibly rigorous, which only accept the top 10% of candidates.

Panel Interview

Our talent acquisition specialists conduct the final video interview while considering candidates' preferences and expectations to ensure a proper pairing.