Our Blockchain Developers' Expertise


Cryptocurrency Development

Our clients can simply rely on our team of experienced engineers for their Blockchain Development. Our team has real-world experience in creating crypto tokens, bitcoins, altcoins, NFTs, custom smart contracts, etc., with security features so that the investors can trade safely in the decentralized blockchain network


Blockchain Consultation

Codexcell help you to develop growth strategies to optimize your business efficiency. Our consultants analyze the effect blockchain could have on the company by implementing the plan developed. They also monitor the complete blockchain process so that your blockchain journey goes smoothly and steadily.


Crypto Wallet Development

We provide you with a secure crypto wallet that will help investors to interact with a blockchain network, check their transaction history and balances, and make transactions effectively and efficiently.


NFT Marketplace Development

Our knowledge of creating an e-commerce website helps us to create NFT marketplaces securely. This security only helps digital investors to buy and sell tokens safely without any chance of duplicity.


Centralized/ Decentralised Exchange Development

A centralized exchange is an environment with admin control; on the contrary, the decentralized exchange system works with the help of an intermediary. Codexcell help you with centralized and decentralized exchange development services.


ICO & IEO Development

Codexcell is the perfect tech partner to execute the ICO and IEO development task on your behalf. We have expertise in developing token-based fundraising platforms with many use cases, so you come with flying colors in the token market.


Hyperledger Solution

We at Codexcell add modularity with safety and security to your Blockchain-based apps and keep a check that no information is being leaked to the public by allowing sharing of data on a need-to-know basis.


End-to-End Blockchain Development

In the complete Blockchain process, our developers will be available from scratch to execution. Therefore, you can trust us that you will receive the perfect solution at the time of any problem.


DeFI Solution Development

Codexcell aims to provide companies with cost-effective blockchain-based financial transactions, easy asset management, and many more.


Smart Contract Development

We use our experience deploying smart contracts in blockchain platforms to reduce delays without intermediary involvement, thus saving investors time.


POC Development

Proof of concept reflects the real-world scenario existing in the blockchain environment. Our Developers evaluate your blockchain apps on various concepts to make them market ready so that they can perform effectively in the long run.


Blockchain Staff Augmentation

We provide you with blockchain developers temporarily to fulfill your organization's capacity. We are flexible in our services when demand is low as we don’t hire from us when we won't charge a single penny from you.


Custom Blockchain Apps

We design custom blockchain apps per the company’s needs, budgets, and standards..


Dedicated Blockchain Development

For efficient virtual currency exchange, our skilled blockchain developers provide secure, web-based applications for iOS, Android, and both. In addition, we assist businesses in obtaining prospective peer-to-peer transactions by offering them safe, dedicated Blockchain.

Blockchain Approaches


    Public blockchains are permissionless and unrestricted. Therefore, they perform effectively when they have a broad user base since anyone on the shared network can verify records, perform proof-of-work, or do mining


    Private blockchains are ideal when confidentiality needs to be maintained. It is essential On a need-to-know basis as private blockchains restrict access to data to only relevant users.


    Public and private blockchains are combined to create hybrid blockchains. Users can share data with the public or keep it private in this paradigm, which gives the ecosystem much flexibility.

Why Hire Blockchain Developers from Codexcell?

We match your needs

As per the organizational needs, we have experienced and talented blockchain developers whom you can hire at any time to assign tasks as per their skill.

You are in control

You get a dedicated blockchain development team without any administrative proof and hassles. The whole selection process is under your control with transparency. One can easily monitor who is doing what, when, and why. .

Hassle-free process

Our team of HR Specialists and Managers make sure that the whole hiring and selection process is hassle-free for you and the candidate. The working environment is also checked before the blockchain developers are assigned so they don’t face any issues after joining your organization.

Work with experts

The best talent from a bunch of senior and middle-level blockchain developers is being provided to you who have deep knowledge of all the concepts of Blockchain..

Low attrition

Our HR manager ensures that every blockchain developer you hire stays motivated to achieve your business goals.

Cost reduction

More than 50% of the cost of hiring an employee is being reduced, and thus a large portion of expense on labor costs is saved.

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